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Relationship Goals

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Relationship Goals

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That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it. It’s who we end up with and how—or if we find someone at all. I’ve always believed that you could have a long, “successful” relationship with anyone. It’s just a function of what you’re willing to tolerate. With enough patience and willingness to stay, you could put any two people from the white pages together and they could be married fifty years. 

But that’s not what we’re looking for—though plenty of people settle for relationships just that bland. That’s just what happens when you’re fear of being alone gets bigger than your desire for love. 

And that’s the trouble: Love is not a guaranteed thing and it never looks the same. It’s hard to be sure about sometimes. People are wary and they should be, it’s a big investment. That said, it’s good to remember that the biggest wins come from the biggest wagers most of the time. 

For me, this image is exactly what I’m hoping to find some day: A porch, a couple of comfortable chairs, something nice to look at, conversations to have, wine to drink, and an intense desire to go inside and wear out some other furniture together. 

It’s good to have goals. 

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