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Fall in love with America.


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For as long as I can remember I had an interest in—and a passion for—photography.  Growing up in a shall we say, “financially challenged” household, however, pursuing that interest was never an option until more recently.  Today, I’m an enthusiast, to say the least. I have published more than 5000 images in the last couple of years alone.  I’m not saying they’re all great; they’re not.  But I AM saying I’ve been busy.
For those who have known me from my jewelry career and my work as a business consultant to the luxury trade, you know that I have never stood in front of anything that isn’t “best of breed”.  When I began bfullerfoto a while back, that same philosophy applied.  Art is art— it touches you, or it doesn't.  The materials it’s produced with, however, MUST be the absolute best.
Because I’ve always insisted on using only museum-quality, archival everything, the prices of my work have been on the salty side.  Moreover, since I only print five of each image and then destroy the original, each piece is relatively rare.  For my “one-offs”, the buyer owns not just the print but the actual image as well—no other photographer in the world works this way.  Maybe that’s weird, but I never wanted to be in the poster business.  
That said, I would like my work to be accessible to a broader audience.  To do that, and still offer exceptional quality, I had to eliminate all of the custom options and reduce the size of the finished pieces. BUT, the result is that, for the first time, I can produce enough volume of a small number of images to offer them at a markedly reduced price—UNDER $100!  You’ll see the link at the top right of the page on the website.  I’m starting with 25 images—print sizes are 24 x 16 for rectangles, 20 x 20 for squares.  Each piece is watermarked with the BFULLERFOTO logo AND hand-signed on the reverse.  
To give you a sense of the quality of these prints, please understand that they are being produced in Germany by a supplier whose biggest customers are museums.  Am I honored that they also sell to me?  Yes, I am. The message here is that even though you’ll be ordering something less rare, you’ll still be receiving bfullerfoto quality. And I’m very proud of that.
I hope you’ll take some time to peruse these images.  Whether you are adding to you your bfullerfoto collection or just starting one, I am more than grateful for your support.  Fall in love with America.  It’s time.