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On the Road Again

Zipps' Interior

Zipps' Interior

Welcome to our first official blog post!  Come back weekly for updates on our whereabouts and where-we're-goings. Jacki and I are pretty much always on the move. New towns nearly every night, restaurants, bars, dog parks, national parks--whatever the road has to offer we'll be here to tell you what we find!

This week begins an 18 day road stint--brief by our standards but we're packing in A LOT!!  We'll be making a circuit of the western states including AZ, NM, TX, CO, WY, MT, ID, WA, OR, CA, and of course, NV. I'll be shooting a ton as these are most of my favorite US states and Jacki will be posting the updates to keep you all in the loop.  I haven't seen them yet because I haven't made them yet but I'm already super excited to see the coming gallery posts!!

Tonight finds us in Scottsdale, AZ. We managed a great deal at Aloft (normally WAY above our pay grade) right in the heart of Old Scottsdale.  KILLER location!!  Very friendly staff and a very nice property overall.

There's a Lot Going on in Shotgun

There's a Lot Going on in Shotgun

First night of any trip is about laying in supplies.  It's a serious money and time saver as we move around.  Much easier to reach into the cooler in the back than to have to constantly stop.  We don't want to waste any more time in the gas station than necessary!  We want to make art!!

My big Scottsdale tip of the night is Zipp's Sports Grill on E. Camelback.  What a terrific joint!!  I was beyond pleasantly surprised!!  Basic bar fare but revved waaaaay up!!  Outstanding service to say the least. I can't remember being at a place where the food came out so quickly, was checked by the server so thoroughly, and delivered so hot to the tables. Every crew member pitched in and the food going by looked fantastic!

I had a chicken burrito that put Chipotle to shame. Served with guac, sour cream, and salsa with a basket of house made chips, it was a bargain at $9. They have both Guinness and Jameson so I am one happy traveler tonight!!  Tons of TV's and a nice patio to go with a comfortably sized main bar area.  Gotta be a fantastic place to catch a game!!  ROAD TO RUIN RATING: 🥃🥃🥃🥃. Would've gone all 5 but the wi-if sucks AND it happens to be in a 2 bar Verizon zone so.... something for the suggestion box.

Tomorrow we continue west a bit before turning north.  Can't wait to see what the week brings!!  See you next Monday!!