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November and New Ventures

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been here to talk to you and I’m sorry about that.  Not for anything I’ve done but for all of the distractions in the world.  Between the terrible shooting here at home and the chaos in Washington and Hollywood, I haven’t felt like any word I had to say would be loud enough. Or appropriate. They say “Silence is golden.”  At least some of the time, they’re right.

Jacki and I have been home now for a few weeks and the respite has been good.  We are hungry road dogs to be sure but there comes a time when only your own bed will do.  We are there.  

This is the time when we get to prepare our own food, drink wine that we pick, and—in Jacki’s case—prepare for a new season of competition. Our schedule here revolves around her training, which is a lot.  The dog and I bear up the best we can. See her on IG at @homeonthetrail.  You’ll be glad you did.  Also, mark your calendars for coming in January. 

There is still creative time, though. I am editing images from weeks ago in Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota, and North Dakota.  With every image I edit, I fall in love with these places all over again. They are all so serene and magical. Slowly but surely, I have begun to add video to the mix.  You can see it on bfullerfoto on Facebook. If my art is about anything, it’s about communicating these special moments to you.  All of my art begins with the desire to share these gifts I’m given.  I have been unfairly blessed. With video, you can finally be there with me.  Welcome 😊

We’ve also started another business together.  See it at  Jacki is brilliant, as it turns out (I knew that already), and has broken the code to IG. Whatever your issues are there, she can help. Likeable also offers a variety of business consulting services.  If you’re interested, we’re here.  If you’re not, we’re art.     

More than any other thing, we are so grateful.  We are nearing 5000 IG followers and 1000 on FB. Unlike the days of old, many galleries are paying attention which feels really good, I must admit.  I don’t know where it all goes but I know that the journey is the most beautiful thing.